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Bossy Neighbor

We love this fun cover from Rachel, and this great short office romance from Erika Lynn!

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Package Included:

  • Custom Cover
  • eBook Cover

About Bossy Neighbor by Erika Lynn

Dante Inferno is too hot to handle.

Kate liked order and stability. So, when she learned her boss was sick and leaving his hot as sin son, Dante, in charge of Inferno Construction, her stomach dropped. Dante, the tall, dark, and handsome jerk who couldn’t be bothered to learn Kate’s name. Oh, and did she mention he just moved in next door?

When Dante’s father was diagnosed with cancer, it forced him to take over the reins of Inferno Construction much sooner than anticipated. To prove himself, he needed to focus on the business and avoid all distractions. Kate Kincaid was undoubtedly a distraction. And despite his best efforts, he couldn’t seem to stay away.

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