☆ Are you looking for a beta reader, but not sure where to start?

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Our team of professional beta readers provide valuable feedback to take your story to the next level. 

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Professional Beta Reading

Our experienced team of professional beta readers provide valuable feedback to take your story to the next level, including analysis of:

  • Reader Experience & Genre Standards
  • Plot Holes & Timeline Consistency
  • Character Motivation & Likability
  • Conflict Development and Resolution
  • If Applicable for genre: World-building, Lore, Setting & Situational Realism, Regional Language, Character Relationships
  • For Romance: Efficacy of Romantic Chemistry and Tension, Tropes, Choreography, and Steam Level


per 1,000 manuscript words

Premium Beta Reading

Our Premium Beta Reading Service is perfect for the author seeking an affordable, but more in-depth, evaluation of their manuscript. Our Premium Beta Reading Service includes all of the analysis of our Professional Beta Reading Service, as well as:

  • Story Structure
  • Continuity, Pacing & Flow
  • Light Stylistic Editing (overused words and phrases, word choice, tone)
  • Light Line Editing (sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation)


per 1,000 manuscript words

Both our Professional and Premium Level Beta Reading Services include in-line comments and feedback within the text itself, as well as a single-page Feedback Document detailing overall impressions and evaluation of your manuscript based on genre trends, tropes, and reader experience. 

Add On Services:

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  • Quotes & Teaser Service [SAVE UP TO 40%!]
    Our authors love this service where we pull the most eye-catching teasers from your book for use in promotional materials. Please select your options in the next field. 
  • Team Beta Reading Service [SAVE 50%!]
    Want more eyes on your manuscript? Add an additional Professional Beta Reader for only $1/1,000 manuscript words 
  • Book a Video Follow Up With Rachel [SAVE 33%!]
    In this 30 minute Live Buddy Session, Rachel helps you work through any pesky plot holes or story struggles, offering a fresh perspective and brainstorm new outcomes together 
  • Line Editing [ONLY $3.50/1,000 Manuscript Words when added-on to a Beta Project!]
    For authors in need of an affordable, but more thorough, story analysis than Beta Reading, we now offer a Line Editing Add-On, where we provide extensive in-line feedback to help your story shine its brightest. This service includes Stylist Editing, comprehensive analysis of overused words and phrases, word choice, tone, sentence structure, and story flow. Turnaround time for Line-Editing requires at least 3 business days per 10k manuscript words.

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Hire A Professional Beta Reader

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Rush Fee - Please see notes below this field
There will be a $35 fee added to projects that need to be completed within 6 weeks. We require one business day per 10k manuscript words for completion of Beta Reading Projects. A rush fee will be applied if you need a faster turnaround time than our 10k/day policy.
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Please note: Two weeks' notice is required for scheduling if the second session Line Editing option is chosen
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Turnaround time varies by service. We work in US Eastern time (GMT-5) and will deliver beta reading projects by end of day (please take this into account with your deadline). Rush fees will apply if 10k/day timeframe cannot be accommodated by the author. You will receive TWO invoices for this project. The first invoice will have the anticipated dates of service, book delivery information, and 50% deposit (cost of half the anticipated word count PLUS any add-ons). The dates on the invoice are subject to change, since the project won't be reserved on our calendar until payment of the deposit invoice is received. The second invoice will be sent at project completion for the remainder of the word count. If I have questions, I will message Rachel through Facebook or email her at christleycreatives@gmail.com