Custom Book Cover

Midlife Charmed Cosmos

We can’t stop staring at this gorgeous custom cover set from Rachel! And Terri is an absolute joy to work with!

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Package Included:

  • Custom Cover
  • eBook Cover

About Midlife Charmed Cosmos by Terri A. Wilson

Family is a blessing. Until they want you dead.

Raquel Bowman’s life has been a tad bit cattywampus. Her girlfriend broke up with her, she lost her job, and she discovered she’s a supernatural freak. With an angel for a mother and either a demon or a shifter for a father, no one knows because her mother was with both men, for a father, there’s no telling what powers she inherited. And to make matters worse, the charm her parents used to hide these powers is dying. But let’s not forget about the vampire who wants her dead because she exposed him as a murderer.

And if all of this isn’t enough, Raquel is turning fifty and her family reunion will be anything but normal. In fact, if she survives, she may find some answers to questions that would have been better off not asked.

At least, her mixology skills are getting better.

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