I loved working with the Author Buddy!

A beautiful cover and a great value. Something I value highly is working with people who stand by their work and remain professional from start to finish and that’s exactly what I got working with The Author Buddy. 5 stars! Will most definitely work with them again.
Emma Tharp
USA Today Bestselling Author
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We were thrilled when Emma purchased this cover! The package came with an eBook Cover, Paperback Cover, Title Graphics, and Social Media Images, customized with her info.

She was a pleasure to work with, and we were all so happy with the final graphics…plus, we can’t wait to read the book!

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  • eBook Cover
  • Paperback Cover
  • Audible Cover
  • Title Graphics
  • Social Media Banner
  • Profile Pic
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She’s a travel writer whose next assignment lands her in the middle of nowhere with snow, ice, and storms when all she wanted was to sit on a beach drinking piña coladas. He’s ready to take over his uncle’s company, but first he has to work as a travel writer to prove himself, except he doesn’t have the first clue what he’s doing. When they meet and sparks fly, it seems like their luck could be changing. That is, until they realize that a relationship between them is a direct conflict of interest.

Isabell Stevens can’t wait to get her next assignment that starts the day after Christmas. Her bikini is packed and ready, and her Brazilian wax is scheduled. After all, this is the time of year that she’s normally sent to some glorious destination with sun, sand, and salt. And she needs it after the rough breakup she just went through. Just imagine her disappointment when she finds out she’s being sent to Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Ben Miller is ready for a fresh start after his failed marriage and business. His uncle is retiring soon and wants to sell his magazine company to Ben—after he proves himself as a travel writer and moves up the ranks. His first assignment is to fly to Iowa and scope out perfect locations for the writer who’s flying in next week.

Ben knows he’s being tested by his uncle when he goes to pick up Isabell at the airport. She’s beautiful, kind, and single. It’s going to be fine. He can get his job done without falling for his co-worker. That is, until their connection can no longer be denied. He has to figure out a way to salvage this. And as much as she is the problem, he knows Izzie is also the only answer.

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