☆ Do you have trouble finding awesome quotes for your #sundaysnippets & #tuesdayteasers, Bookstagram Reels, and #Booktok?

☆ Do you need a variety of long & short quotes for promotional materials & graphics?

☆ Do you wish you had someone to tell you what will draw readers in?

We’re excited to announce our expanded availability for Quote & Teaser projects!

You’ll share your manuscript with us via Google Doc and we will highlight all of the wonderful quotes you’ve created that we think would ensnare a reader and work for teasers, snippets, and promotional graphics. That way, you can reference the context of the quote. We’ll also copy them into another doc, formatted and spaced for easy access whenever you need them.

We will never deliver less than 3 quotes for a novella or 5 quotes for a full-length novel, although there is no maximum!

To reserve your spot, please fill out the booking form below. You will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours, and then an invoice for your service through PayPal. Your spot on the calendar will be reserved upon payment of your invoice.

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Standalone Quote & Teaser Service Pricing is $.90/1,000 manuscript words
If your genre is not listed here, please message Rachel through our Facebook or email her at christleycreatives@gmail.com
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Please note: This does not apply to bar fights, suspenseful moments, car chases, or even consensual BDSM. This is is intended for Bully Romance, intense/graphic descriptions of blood and gore, vivid panic attacks or descriptions of mental anguish. If yes, please elaborate in the next text box. This helps us protect our betas and ensure your manuscript is assigned to the reader who will best represent your target audience.
Please list any triggering subject matter in your book including intense/graphic depictions of blood/ gore, mental illness, incest, sexual assault, child loss, etc.
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